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Since his initiation into the path of Siddha or Kundalini Yoga twenty-five years ago, Mark has been consciously aligning himself with the lineages of enlightened masters known as Serpents of Wisdom. To cement his affiliation with the Serpents, Mark was given the shamanic name Amaru, meaning “Serpent,” by one of his Andean teachers.

Over the years Mark has aligned himself with certain orders of the Serpents of Wisdom which he has past connections with, especially those Serpents of Wisdom known as Kumaras.

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Who are The Kumaras ?
Sananda & Sanat Kumara - Founders of The School
History of The Kumara School of Wisdom
Sedona,AZ - Headquarters of The School
Peru - South American Headquarters of The School
The Symbol of The School
Curriculum Of The School
The Four Levels in The School
Workshops and Classes
Initiation, Pilgrimage & Sacred Journeys

Who are the Kumaras?

The Kumaras came to Earth in response to a call from developing humanity, which at that time was at a crossroads and ready to advance in both spiritual and mundane wisdom. The Kumaras brought the requisite knowledge, as well as the teachings of how to awaken and develop the evolutionary force, the Kundalini, which normally lies dormant at the base of the human spine. Through awakening this power the higher functions of the brain were eventually developed and much of humanity was then able to understand higher spiritual precepts and function interdimensionally and universally.

In creation myths throughout the world the Kumaras are represented as twin boys who arrived at a very early epoch of Earth’s history and then served as teachers and culture bearers to humanity. These legends claim that the boys brought to fledgling humankind the wisdom of medicine, agriculture, writing, alchemy, as well as “fire.” 

            This fire is the evolutionary fire or Kundalini. To awaken this fire in humanity, according to the Hindu legends or Puranas, the Kumaras became the first teachers of yoga. They also transmitted their own fire into the human gene pool through sexual intercourse. The Holy Bible refers to the Kumaras as the “Sons of God,” the “Fallen Angels” (fallen to Earth), and claim that they mated with the “Daughters of Men” and bore hybrid offspring. Afterwards, states the Jewish Book of Enoch, the Sons of God taught their new wives healing, astronomy, astrology, divination and alchemy, the science of transforming base metals into gold and humans into gods through fire.

Since the Kumara School of Wisdom is very closely aligned with its teachings, The Association of Sanat and Sananda Kumara (ASSK) has kindly given permission to use the photo of Sananda Kumara. This photo was taken in 1961at Chichen Itza, an ancient Mayan temple in the Yucatan Peninsula by an archaeologist. Sananda appeared to him, directed him to take His photograph for Sister Thedra and to send it to her. At the direction of Sananda, the ASSK was founded by Sister Thedra, Prophetess for Sananda and Sanat Kumara. Mark studied with Sister Thedra in both Mt. Shasta and Sedona.  For more information on ASSK, please write: P. O. Box 197; Mt. Shasta, CA 96067 

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Sananda and Sanat Kumara, 
Founders of The Kumara School of Wisdom

The founders and patrons of The Kumara School of Wisdom are Sananda and Sanat Kumara, the twin boys of legend. Since their arrival thousands of years ago they have overseen and guided the spiritual evolution of the School and all humanity. Sanat Kumara has served as the spiritual and etheric priest king of the Earth, while his brother Sananda has repeatedly taken physical incarnation to assist humanity, most recently in the person of Jesus Christ.

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History of 
The Kumara School of Wisdom

             The Kumara School of Wisdom was founded many thousands of years ago by spiritual masters known as Kumaras who came to Earth from the planet Venus. The Kumaras arrived during the time of ancient Lemuria and brought with them the various practical and spiritual arts, which have since become the bedrock of human civilization. In order to disseminate their wisdom to those humans ready to receive it, they established the Kumara School of Wisdom and its offshoot, The Great White Brotherhood. For thousands of years the wisdom of the Kumaras has survived under a cloak of secrecy within certain secret organizations and mystery schools. But now, as we collectively approach a new era which mandates rapid spiritual evolution worldwide, it is imperative that humanity be reintroduced to their teachings. This is the purpose for The Kumara School of Wisdom in its current manifestation. 

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Sedona, Arizona, 
Headquarters of 
The Kumara School of Wisdom

            The principal headquarters of The Kumara School of Wisdom is Sedona, Arizona, U.S.A.. In ancient times Sedona was a sacred port city of the Lemurians and much of it was underwater, which is why today many of the red rock formations in the area appear weathered, smoothed and polished. The Kumara Lemurians, along with a steady stream of visitors from Venus, covered Sedona with fabulous temples, many of which still exist in the third and/or fourth dimensions. The most important temples were built in what is now Boynton Canyon, a canyon referred to in the School as “The Canyon of the Temples.” Boynton Canyon is the “Root Chakra” and the abode of the terrestrial Kundalini in North America. It is thus a primary location for Kundalini awakening and development. The temples of Boynton Canyon are now being reactivated and it is fulfilling its destiny as the primary shrine of The Kumara School of Wisdom during the present age. Many of the most important initiations within the School occur at Boynton Canyon.

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South American Headquarters of 
The Kumara School of Wisdom

Peru is another place where the Lemurians colonized and built temples in ancient times. Such sacred sites as Marca Wasi and Tiahuanaco, Bolivia were once at sea level and actively patronized by the Lemurians traveling between Peru and Mu. When the Andes were formed these sites were pushed up to their present elevation and Lemuria was pushed down below the waves of the Pacific Ocean. But just before this occurred, certain Lemurian masters, such as the renowned Aramu Muru, and his consort, Arama Mara, brought some of the sacred records, spiritual rites, and power objects from Lemuria and supplanted them in Peru. Later, one of these sacred objects, the Solar Disc of Mu, was hung in the main temple of the Incas, the The Temple of the Sun, or the Coricancha, in Cusco. 

Marca Wasi, Peru (near Lima) is one of the few remaining Lemurian temples in the world. Like Sedona, the floor of Marca Wasi was once covered in water, but it has since been raised to its present lofty elevation of 11,000 feet in the Andes Mountains. At Marca Wasi the Lemurians celebrated the flora and fauna they helped create on Earth by making stone images of each specie. They also erected a stone monument in honor of the five human races, which today is known as the “Faces of Humanity.” Many of the important rites and initiations of The Kumara School of Wisdom occur within the main temple of Marca Wasi, the “Temple of Wisdom,” which was a fertility temple in Lemurian times and served as a place where some of the Sons of God mated with the Daughters of Men.

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The Symbol of
The Kumara School of Wisdom

This ancient symbol can currently be found inscribed upon a rock face off the coast of Peru. Known as "El Candelabro," the Candelabra, it is located near Pisco, and can easily be seen from a tourist boat offshore. The symbol, which is purely archetypal and incorporates within its form many of the mysteries of the Universe, faces west, the direction of ancient Lemuria, the continent that was the homeland to the Kumaras. Its esoteric meaning is taught within the School.

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The Curriculum 
of The Kumara School of Wisdom

            The courses taught with the School are principally those which were brought to Earth by the Kumaras. They include: divination, astrology, astronomy, healing, Reiki (Sanat Kumara was the ancient founder of Reiki), yoga, mantra, meditation, alchemy, and the use of plant medicines or entheogens – especially San Pedro cactus, which is believed to have been brought to Peru from Lemuria – for consciousness expansion. 

There are also courses on metaphysics, the sacred history of our Earth and the outer cosmos, the scriptures authored by students of the Kumaras, and shamanism.  The primary form of shamanism taught in the school is that of Peruvian Shamanism because it preserves much of the wisdom which was brought to South America by colonists of Lemuria during the demise of their country. We also offer certain Native American rites, such as sweat lodges and vision quests.

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The Four Levels 
within The Kumara School of Wisdom

            The four levels of advancement within the School are named after the three animals in Peruvian cosmology which represent the three worlds:

             1.SerpentAn initiated student of the School. At this level one is a practitioner and a student with lineal connection to the Kumaras.

             2. Puma A priest or priestess of the School. At this level one becomes a teacher within the School and helps lead some of the ceremonies and initiations. He or she can lead the rites of the School in his or her hometown, and he or she can also participate in the School’s more advanced spiritual practices and rites.

             3. Condor An adept shaman. At this level one becomes one of the principal overseers and teachers within the School. A priest or priestess of this level is authorized to lead the most advanced ceremonies and rites.

             4. Kumara A fully enlightened master and a lineal descendant of the ancient Kumaras. At this level one becomes a principal leader and final authority in The Kumara School of Wisdom.  

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Workshops & Classes

          The primary teachings of the School and the first initiation can be acquired within workshops which will be given throughout the U.S.A. and Europe.

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Initiation, Pilgrimage & Sacred Journeys

            Pilgrimage to the sacred sites and temples of Peru, Egypt, England, India, Tibet/Nepal, Mt. Shasta, and of course Sedona, are of special importance within The Kumara School of Wisdom. It is within these remote temples that special wisdom left behind by the Kumaras can be acquired and special initiations can occur. Many of the ancient pyramids and temples in the world were built by the Kumaras and their students and are specifically designed for initiation and Kundalini activation. 

Mark and Andrea Pinkham - Egypt, April 1999

Upcoming Kumara School of Wisdom 
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