A Message from the Kumaras

The message below was received from the Kumaras through Andrea Mikana-Pinkham in Egypt near the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid October 24, 2000 during a NewAgeJourneys tour led by Andrea and her husband Mark Amaru Pinkham

Greetings unto you, Dear Ones! We are that which is Kumara. 

Kumara is not a name as you know it on your plane of consciousness, but rather a frequency key that calls forth that which all are - Unconditional Love. The “Ma” is the frequency key for the feminine energies; the “Ra” is the frequency key for the male energies. The “Ku” is the balance point or the integration of those energies that brings one into full remembrance.

We do want to thank you greatly for coming at this time to this plane of demonstration, for taking the veil of forgetfulness, for taking part in the human experiment that you have created, and coming again to full remembrance of that which you are, which IS Kumara.

We say to you that we originally brought those energies of that which we are here to your planet in the time of the great motherland that was known as Lemuria. We came through the Pleadian stargate, stepped down our frequencies on that planet that you know as Venus, and then changed dimensions/frequencies to come etherically to this planet. During what you know as your history of your planet, which is not the true history we say to you, but rather that which you have been led to believe because it has fit the aims of egos that wish to control your ego and keep you ensconced in forgetfulness, we have taken incarnation several times. We came first to a body, though not a human body as you know experience it, in the embodiment of that first energy of primal creation known as Sanat Kumara. This is the Will of the intellect of creation. We have also taken embodiment as that energy that came to be called Jesus, though the true name of this entity that is part of what we be, is Sananda Kumara. This is the Heart of the mind of creation. We, Kumara, are all of creation, not just these two aspects. We are the polarity and the balance. That which you be, but have forgotten. We are here with you now to assist you in your remembering…to assist all in the remembering.

You have called yourself here at this time in the evolution of consciousness, in this place, for this dimensional experience. Like that which we be, you also have come through star portals to take bodies at various times during what you call time (which we say to you does not really exist, but rather was created by you in this human experiment) to experience. There have been 5 great cycles of civilization upon this planet. You have participated in them. You are now participating in this one, at this turning point which was fixed by yourselves in the etheric blueprint. This blueprint waivers with fear. It is kept dynamic through the power of love.

You are here to hold points in this blueprint so that the shift in consciousness that is occurring on the planet will continue as you have planned it. Within the next 4 - 7 years you will see a shift such as has not occurred in any of the civilizations that have been here before. This is the potentiality that you have set forth. Holding the frequency of Love within yourselves on all levels will assist in the truth being known…in the consciousness coming home unto itself.

As you visit the different monuments here in this sacred land and expose your bodies (on all levels) to their different frequencies, your experience will of course be unique for each of you. Use the frequency key of Kumara to bring you to a place of sacred remembering within yourself…on all levels. This will allow the frequencies to move up from the 3 lower chakras and down from the 3 upper charkas to meet in the bridge…the heart. Follow the natural law of the universe and use that key which is your unique one. Speak your truth, that which is in your heart.

By doing so you will be able to open up dimensional portals and move through them. This is not to be taken lightly. It is part of the work you came here for; it is not recreational. It is part of the act of bringing salvation to yourself and ultimately to all of creation. By the act of saving yourself from the grip of fear and being instead continually in the state of what you are, which is Unconditional Love, you are saving yourself.

We are here with you now in this manner, using this vehicle and using these words, to assist you in your remembering. You called yourselves to bring your physical bodies here to be able to remember. Some of you will return and will bring others to help them remember.

When you are in that great structure of the cosmic generator (the Great Pyramid) we suggest that you focus strongly on holding thoughts and feelings of Unconditional Love. The ego will certainly try to distract you. It realizes that by doing your work there with this group that you will be opening yourselves and the planet up to more and higher frequencies of Love than you have felt in this lifetime. So…for the ego, this means death. AND, it does not want to die, so it will fight you. It will try to distract you. Hold fast. Look into the eyes and hearts of your brothers and sisters who will be with you and remember what you are….Love. All thoughts that will radiate out of the generator must be of Love. The chamber where you will be is a capacitor. Both physical and etheric. This is why it is in the middle of the land mass of the planet. So it can hold the energy energy grid that you have created for the shift in place.

When you are in the chamber, each of you will have the opportunity to be in the “remembrance chamber” (the sarcophagus). As each brother and sister is having a turn lying there, we suggest that the others of you send Love, feel Love, be Love to that one.

The government of this country would like to control this machine so that it can thus have control over those things in life that it thinks it should have control over…people’s thoughts, actions, and feelings. So all egos will be the same…living in fear, powerless. Not living in the Love that all are…in all power.

We say to you that this will not be so. The one here in this land who has arranged your sacred journey was in former times in this land a what you would call now a “High Priest.” Though know that that is not what he called himself, nor what he was known as then. He is here in this lifetime to help so many come to remembrance. He is a connector between egos that don’t want to remember and the souls that do, such as yourselves. In connection with others in the government of this country he is working quietly behind the scenes, so to speak, to bring back what you know as “Heaven on Earth.”

The issues that are flowing between what you call countries on this planet are but a reflection of what has come to be because of past actions, thoughts and words. Truly it has been set in place long ago, and more than one time ago. The crisis that you call environmental is but a reflection of the loss of self-love and love for one another. It is reflected upon and by the body of the planet.

These sacred places, here in this holy land, as well as others all over the globe are acting as energy magnets to bring people to them so that you may remember that which you are, which is Love. So that you may have that experience of feeling, of knowing that you are a global family. So that you may take that remembrance back into your lives and live your full creative power…the Love that you are.

Be of service to others, Dear Ones. Be a vehicle to spark remembrance in your brothers and sisters. They will come to you when you return home. They will sense that you have something that they do not. They will want to know what your secret is. Be in your Heart in each moment as you speak to them, as you look into their eyes. They will feel, they will then know your secret…that you are Love. Then they will also know that they are Love. Though each of your cellular memories is different, at the core of each you are the same…Love. Help them to remember.

These structures that you call pyramids go beyond words. That is why you find very little, if any, what you call that tool of communication, writing upon them and in them. The dynamics with which they were manifested/built/constructed is the language of truth made incarnate. You now call it mathematics; it is truly the all-knowing heart and mind.

What you call the Pharaoh Ahkenaten took birth as one consciousness, then invited another consciousness to come into the body. This was agreed upon before the soul took the body at birth. It was a chosen act of demonstration to others that all can change the frequency by allowing that which is Higher Spirit to come into the heart and mind. This soul came to plant the seed on remembrance on the planet of the one mind/heart of what you call God/Goddess. You have now come here to also re-enact that. You are here bringing one frequency through the body, but you will leave this holy land with a totally different frequency coming through the body. Your souls agreed to be here together at this time in this place before you took the bodies to support each other in this holy act.

You know, Dear Ones, that your time of humanness, your time of this experiment of being human is almost over. You are coming here to speed up this process. You are here to re-organize your True Self. To attune to the frequency of Love that you are, that is so much more easily experienced here in what you might call “Ground Zero.”

We do say to you that we will change our focus shortly. And, we want to remind you that though we will not be speaking to you through this vehicle, that we are ever with you. We are not separate from that which you are; for we are the Love that all is, that you are. You have but to give utterance to the sound frequency key of “Kumara” to remember that which you are. You have but to only think of that which you are to be that which you are…Kumara…Love. We are ever with you because we are you.

We again want to thank you for taking human embodiment and coming here at this great time of change. We do know what courage it takes to come through the veil, to take on forgetfulness. We say to you that you have not forgotten that which you are. You are Kumara. We are always with you to assist you in this remembrance. For you are that which is Love. So Be It.

Received through Andrea Mikana-Pinkham,
Giza Plateau, Egypt,
October 24, 2000


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