The Kumaras, The Masters of Love

The Kumaras came to Earth in response to a call from developing humanity, which at that time was at a crossroads and ready to advance in both spiritual and mundane wisdom. They brought the requisite knowledge, as well as the teachings of how to awaken and develop the evolutionary force, the Kundalini, which normally lies dormant at the base of the human spine. Through awakening this power the higher functions of the brain were eventually developed and much of humanity was then able to understand higher spiritual precepts and function interdimensionally and universally.  

They came from Venus

Legends claim that Kumaras originally came to Earth from Venus, the Planet of Love. They first landed on the fabled White Island, an island paradise in the middle of an inland sea, which once existed in what is now the Gobi Desert. Their arrival coincided with a time when the eastern coast of Asia was contiguous with the Pacific continent of Lemuria or Mu.


The Kumaras created schools of Goddess Wisdom on Lemuria

The Kumaras also assisted in the founding of the Earth’s first civilization, Lemuria, the fabled Garden of Eden of the Pacific Ocean region. On Lemuria the Kumaras established schools of enlightenment in order to teach the wisdom they had brought with them from Venus. Hailing as they did from Venus, the “Queen of the Heavens” and Planet of the Goddess, the curriculum taught by the Kumaras within their Lemurian schools was a rendition of the Wisdom of the Goddess. This matriarchal wisdom included numerous disciplines for opening the heart, as well as practices for awakening the Goddess as the serpentine Kundalini, the form She exists as within the human body, which will evolve and transmute a person into a god or goddess. Collectively these disciplines form various branches of Yoga, which the Hindu Puranas maintain were first taught on Earth by the Kumaras.

One of the primary goals of the Kumaras was to teach developing humanity the path of love. They knew that the primary reason for the creation of Earth was for souls to experience and ultimately become one with love. Having come from Venus, the Planet of Love, the Kumaras were themselves pure love and therefore the best teachers of the path to love. One of the Kumaras, Sanat Kumara, dictated to his disciple Narada the wisdom of love to benefit his students and their descendants. This text became known as the Bhakti Sutras, the sutras on divine love, which continue to be one of the principle texts on the path of love in India. 

Part of the Kumaras’ “academic” teaching on love was that before humans could evolve into gods and goddesses they first needed to unite or “marry” the opposing male and female principles naturally existing within themselves. By doing so they could become androgynous, thereby precluding the need for another person or any material object. Only then could they extricate themselves from the bonds of attachment and freely express unconditional love, the goal of human existence. The Kumaras taught that yoga and alchemy are proficient tools for uniting the internal polarity and awakening the Kundalini. But the Kumaras were also emphatic that the best and safest path for uniting all polar opposites is the expression of love. By loving oneself and loving others all internal and external oppositions fall away and the serpent fire awakens on its own.

Sananda Kumara, the Christ

After Mu sank below the waves of the Pacific Ocean, Sananda Kumara ascended from the Earth plane but has continued to return in the physical form of a series of Avatars, masters who revive righteousness on the planet and save the Earth from potential destruction. Sananda’s most famous incarnation has been that of Jesus Christ, the Master who came to teach the path of love and whose guidance is now sought by over two billion people.  

The Kumara School of Wisdom

The Kumara School of Wisdom was founded many thousands of years ago by the Kumaras. They arrived during the time of ancient Lemuria and brought with them the various practical and spiritual arts, which have since become the bedrock of human civilization. In order to disseminate their wisdom to those humans ready to receive it, they established the Kumara School of Wisdom and its offshoot, The Great White Brotherhood. For thousands of years the wisdom of the Kumaras has survived under a cloak of secrecy within certain secret organizations and mystery schools. But now, as we collectively approach a new era which mandates rapid spiritual evolution worldwide, it is imperative that humanity be reintroduced to their teachings. This is the purpose for The Kumara School of Wisdom in its current manifestation. 

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