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The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom

This landmark book brings together the lineages and teachings of the spiritual masters around the world whose symbol has been the serpent or dragon. The book traces the fabled beginnings of these adepts from the legendary continents in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, to their later occurrence as the pyramid builders, priest kings and hierophants of pre-Christian cultures around the globe, and finally to their clandestine manifestation as the Secret Societies of Europe, within which they orchestrated the overthrow of the British and the eventual founding of the United States of America.

In this book you will learn the history and teachings of the following “Serpents”:


Conversations with the Goddess

The contents of this book were received by Mark Amaru both within the mountains of Washington State and at sacred sites around the globe. Within these places the Goddess communicated to Mark important information about Herself and Her spiritual tradition, as well as the current revival of the Goddess Path worldwide. During the Goddess’s discourses Mark would ask questions, so their interactions have been formatted as dialogues.

Special topics in this book include:

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The Truth behind the Christ Myth:
The Redemption of the Peacock Angel

This book presents radically new information about the life of Jesus as recounted in the four Gospels of the New Testament. Through numerous historical facts, Mark proves that the legend of Jesus is a synthesis of many legends. It began as the myth of Murrugan the Peacock Angel in India, passed into Persia as the legend of Mithras, and was then imported into Palestine by Saint Paul, a devotee of Mithras, who grafted it onto the life of the Jewish Jeshua ben Joseph. The Three Wise Men who visited Jesus at Bethlehem were Magi, the priests of Mithras, who believed that the Jewish Messiah was an incarnation of the Son of God in their tradition - Mithras. In The Truth Behind the Christ Myth, Mark proves that the Peacock Angel is the Divine Mind and the first and only Child of God which has incarnated as numerous spiritual teachers worldwide, including Jesus Christ.

Topics in this book include:

To be released in late January, 2002. 
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