is the web site of 
Mark Amaru Pinkham
, author of 
The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom
and Conversations With the Goddess. 
Mark is the Founder and Director 
of The Kumara School of Wisdom (Sedona, AZ). 
He presents workshops and classes for the School in Sedona, AZ and other places in the U.S., 
as well as in other countries.

In association with New Age Journeys
Mark leads spiritual journeys sacred sites 
in Egypt, Peru, Tibet & Nepal, and India. 

Mark is a western and Vedic Astrologer, Acupuncturist, as well as a 
Yoga/Meditation Instructor
and a Reiki Master


Serpents of Wisdom
The first Serpents of Wisdom on Earth resided in the Pacific continent of Lemuria, the "Garden of Eden."  According to Hindu traditions they were the first teachers of alchemy and yoga. Their mission was to teach how to awaken and move the evolutionary power within the human body, the Kundalini, and thereby assist humankind in its spiritual evolution.

This lineage of enlightened Masters from The Great White Brotherhood, such as Sanat Kumara and Sananda Kumara, have continued to operate on higher dimensions for countless centuries through 
The Kumara School of Wisdom. 

Our School connects with this etheric School and gives it a physical manifestation. Those of us who are part of the Kumara School can work together with the higher Masters for the global return of the Christ...
for a world of peace and Unconditional Love.

Author & Metaphysical Teacher 
Mark Amaru Pinkham
is the Founder/Director
of The Kumara School of Wisdom

Mark is the author of 
The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom, 
(a landmark book that brings together the lineages and teachings of the spiritual masters around the world whose symbol has been the serpent) 
and Conversations with the Goddess
(containing important information about the Goddess tradition
and its current world-wide revival) 

and the soon-to-be released (early 2002)
The Truth Behind the Christ Myth
(containing radically new information about the life of Jesus
as recounted in the four Gospels of the New Testament and other sources, 
proving through numerous historical facts, 
that the legend of Jesus is a synthesis of many legends.)

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